Our technology

Biotechnology platform

August 2020, we started the development project "Industrial production of Eco-Moss using In Vitro Technology". Financially supported by VLAIO (Flemish Agency for Innovation & Business). With scientific support from the Laboratory for Applied In Vitro Plant Biotechnology of Ghent University.

In this project, applied scientific research has been conducted on the optimal conditions for growing moss: including plant tissue culture media, phytohormones, pH, temperature, light intensity, …. Each moss species has its own set of unique parameters depending to their natural habitat.

Homogeneous liquid cultures are set up to scale up the process to volumes relevant for industrial applications.

The optimized conditions of the EnGreDi biotechnology platform allows to grow mosses much faster and more reproducible. This production process is season-independent and delivers a product that is sterile and free of contaminants.

Our process

EnGreDi Production Process

To respond to the ever-increasing demand for mosses and thus preventing overexploitation of our natural areas, EnGreDi developed a cultivation process based on a combination of In Vitro and In Vivo plant biotechnology. This flexible and scalable biotechnology platform is much faster than natural vegetative or generative cultivations. With the great advantage to initiate moss cultivation from our moss bank, so without using the natural resources of moss. This innovative approach makes it possible to take advantage of the resilient properties of mosses.


In Vitro cultivation started from spores     & gametophytic tissue of bryophytes


In Vitro cultivation of protonemata in     glass bottles


In Vitro cultivation of protonemata in     bioreactor vessels


In Vivo cultivation of bryophytes on     bioreceptive substrate

Why mosses based on IN VITRO?

Benefits of industrial production of mosses based on IN VITRO technology:

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We estimate that the EnGreDi developed cultivation process is on average 3 to 5 times faster than natural vegetative or generative moss cultivation.

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We don't damage nature to set up moss cultures.

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We offer an ecological alternative to the currently commercially available mosses, which have mostly been looted from nature. This overexploitation is so widespread that some ecosystems are completely “de-mossed” and only recover very slowly, spread over years.

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