Why are we so committed

Enabling the Green Direction

The EnGreDi-team wants to make a significant contribution to the health of people and their local and global environment, utilizing the unique properties of mosses.

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In vitro moss production

Growing moss without exploiting nature

To respond to the ever-increasing demand for mosses and thus preventing overexploitation of our natural areas, EnGreDi developed a cultivation process based on a combination of In Vitro and In Vivo plant biotechnology. This flexible and scalable biotechnology platform is much faster than natural vegetative or generative cultivations. With the great advantage to initiate moss cultivation from our moss bank, so without using the natural resources of moss. This innovative approach makes it possible to take advantage of the resilient properties of mosses.

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People, Planet & Profit

To make this dream come true, we are committed to focusing on social and environmental issues as much as economic ones. Instead of a single bottom line focusing on earnings, EnGreDi measures success based on a triple bottom line:


Ensure a comfortable workplace and harmonious relationships where colleagues are helpful, motivating and supportive of each other.


Our impact on the local and global environment; making a significant contribution to a sustainable planet.


To make money in order to pay the costs involved and to grow as an enterprise, in order to create maximum added value for both people and planet.

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