About us


Our mission

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To develop our biotechnology platform to a high-performance level, both qualitatively and quantitatively, in line with the diverse applications:

  • Mosses as a baseline for greening applications in our residential, urban and rural areas.
  • Mosses as a feedstock for biotechnological applications used in health and agriculture.
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To develop nature-based applications in collaboration with innovative thinking entrepreneurs/enterprises.


Why “Enabling the Green Direction”

Climate change

We are aware that climate change and environmental degradation are existential threats to Europe and the world. With combined efforts, we want to make a significant contribution to the European Green Deal.

We are guided by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as adopted in 2015 by all UN Member States.

Climate change effects

Climate change is the biggest challenge of our times. Day by day anyone can observe the consequences of this evolution: including more frequent wildfires, longer periods of drought and an increase in the number, duration and intensity of tropical storms.


Not only what we do is important,
but also how we do it.

Inclusieve onderneming

From the heart and with proudness we are carrying the label “Inclusieve Onderneming”. As an inclusive company, we are committed to profit, guided by a strong vision and shared values. All employees, including the vulnerable in the labor market, contribute to the company goals. Our employees perform to the best of their ability from a profit perspective.

Partnerships for the goals

Continuously we want to expand our knowledge and improve our production processes and business operations. We are committed to innovation as a continuous process where benefits can be generated through cooperation with external actors, conformal to “Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals” of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our team


Founder & CEO

Expertise: Innovation & Ecological Development


Co-Founder & CTO

Expertise: Ecophysiology of Bryophytes


In vitro & in vivo propagation of bryophytes

Master of Science in Biology, PhD Molecular Biology & Microbiology


Sustainable & environmental development technologies

Master in Ecology and Environmental Sciences


Technology of in vitro cultivation of bryophytes

Graduate Biotechnology


External Relations

Social Media, Public Relations & Marketing

In collaboration with the following universities and university colleges

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